Thailand opens country for 38 countries NO Guarantee

Thai media Daily News reported that the CCSA were considering grouping countries according to economic value and vaccine coverage as a means to deciding which ones' nationals will be allowed to come to Thailand without having to quarantine from November 1st.

Thirty eight countries are being considered. Of these:

1. 24 are in the European Union

2. Five are the Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

3. Others are Israel, Switzerland, UAE, the UK, the US, India, China, Qatar, Japan, and South Korea.

Ao Khai Beach

Ao Khai beach is a small beach about 2-400 m with few restaurants.

One Good restaurant is Bar Sabai Where you can sit and enjoy the beach and eat same time.

Next to they have Drift bar and it's open evenings, fire show fridays.



Here you can find it here on Google Maps.